About Us

Heart Forge Solutions is a husbeast (Brian) and wife (Sharah) team dedicated to making creative, witty inventions to improve your hobbies and solve life's everyday problems.

Brian (Husbeast3D Solutions Designer)

I was an IT Product Support Engineer for over a decade, but am also an introvert. I found that high-stress phone jobs made for excellent nightmare-level migraine triggers, and I lost my job to them twice. I wanted to find a way to provide for my family that wouldn't kill me.

I've wanted to get into 3D Printing for years but had no need or time, and 3D printers cost money. A friend gave us his old Elegoo Mars (SLA) and Prusa Mini+ (FDM) printers, and we started playing with them. As often happens to many people who get a 3D printer, we realized we needed something no one manufactures.

So I started teaching myself CAD with FreeCAD. With the help of YouTubers like Mango Jelly Solutions and JokoEngineeringhelp I've become proficient. Now we are turning what's been a hobby into a business.

Sharah (WifeIllustratorGraphic and Fiber Artist)

I have spent my whole life being creative. I practiced comic-book art through middle and high school, got Graphic Design and Illustration degrees in junior college, and focused on print media at RIT. I learned to knit in the summer of 1991, and I've been knitting ever since. I am a graphic designer by day for a large local company, but my evenings, weekends, and free time are devoted to knitting, spinning, crocheting, embroidery, beading, sewing, quilting, and all other manner of fiber craft. 

Watching my husband be destroyed by his 9-5 was a wake-up call for both of us, and we are determined to make our 3D printing business dreams a reality. 

Thankfully, when you have a crazy fiber artist and a clever engineering-minded husbeast, there are many opportunities to create valuable tools or iterate existing concepts to get a device that actually does what you want it to! 

Together, we have come up with some clever ideas that can make your crafting more fun, more efficient, and more effective so that you can spend your precious crafting time enjoying your hobbies.