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Dreaming Robots

We are very happy to be part of what Maurice has created as Dreaming Robots. HFS carries the Dreaming Robots 3D printable models available in all our colors of PETG.

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Laurette Says:

I’m not one to really embrace 3-D printed bobbins, particularly for high end wheels. But I wanted bobbins quickly for my Timbertops Irish Castle wheel, so I ordered some 3-D printed bobbins from Heart Forge Solutions. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bobbin parts are threaded, so they pack down in a tiny package to store. They have a nice solid feel and work very well. There is the tiniest of a rattle, but I’m ok with that. They do come in a wide variety of colors, I wish there was a brown or copper color. But for $17.50 per bobbin and a very quick delivery time, I’m quite happy!

Timbertops Bobbins