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Bluebonnet Compatible Spinning Wheel Bobbin

Bluebonnet Compatible Spinning Wheel Bobbin

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Our bobbin for BlueBonnet Spinning Wheels is an ideal replacement bobbin for the BlueBonnet Spinning Wheel. This bobbin is designed to fit snugly and is perfect for winding large amounts of yarn. Enjoy the accuracy of this replacement part for perfect spinning every time.

The Standard Bobbin holds ~4oz, while the Jumbo Bobbin holds ~8oz.
The Jumbo Bobbin does require the Jumbo Flyer for the wheel.

I've created a new design with a slightly different profile to the end disks. This allows for better printing and now holds a bit more fiber than the original design.

Compatible with:

  • BumbleBee
  • HoneyBee
  • CraftyBee

The BlueBonnet "Thimble" Wheels may be compatible. We're seeking someone willing to test a bobbin for us on a "Thimble." We are also seeking someone to test a CraftyBee Plying Bobbin. 

  • Standard (3.5 inches diameter x 4.25 inches long)
  • Jumbo (4.75 inches diameter x 4.25 inches long)
  • Plying (4.75 inches diameter x 7.25 inches long)

Bearings included.

All HeartForge Solutions 3D printed products are made with PETG, the same substance that most water bottles are made of. This means that our products are heat resistant, UV stable, and unlike PLA products, unlikely to deform in a hot car.

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