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CSM - Auto knitter Cylinder

CSM - Auto knitter Cylinder

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Brian's Auto Knitter Cylinder is a perfect and affordable option for your Auto Knitter CSM. (Sharah's Auto Knitter is a Canadian Auto Knitter.)

Brian designed a beautiful CSM cylinder for Sharah's antique, restored sock machine. She suspects this cylinder may run a bit quieter than her original metal one. Since the cylinder is printed without supports, it is ready to install without additional sanding.

The cylinder is equipped with the hole for the ribber arm guide pin, and is compatible with a ribber. 

Let us know if you need a different size (up to 100 Needles), and we will generate, print, and test! Once we know it works, we will post it on the website. 

We are so excited to offer this product. This is why Sharah wanted a 3D printer in the first place and is thrilled to provide this product for you! 

Please make sure to lubricate the needle butts with WD-40 Specialist Dry lube With PTFE

All HeartForge Solutions 3D printed products are made with PETG, the same substance that most water bottles are made of. This means that our products are heat resistant, UV stable, and unlike PLA products, unlikely to deform in a hot car.

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Customer Reviews

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Johnathon M
72 slot is excellent

Brian at Heart Forge has been nothing but great with his communication and help through the whole process. I purchased the 72 slot cylinder and it is great, but of a snug fit but it’s because my machine is a hodgepodge of random parts put together. The machine is working again for the first time in 80 years