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Dreaming Robots

Dreaming Robots | EEW 6.0 Lace Flyer

Dreaming Robots | EEW 6.0 Lace Flyer

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This is a lace-weight flyer, which lets you spin at higher speeds. This can be useful for high-twist lace yarn. Its adjustable speed capabilities make it easy to custom-tailor your spinning project for the perfect yarn. You'll be able to produce the finest-quality lace-weight yarn with speed and precision.

We've made an add-on ring to modify the metal pulley to give the same effect as the replacement pulley designed by Dreaming Robots. This modification will last much longer than the fully plastic pulley.

For more fiber tools from Dreaming Robots, see their store at

All HeartForge Solutions 3D printed products are made with PETG, the same substance that most water bottles are made of. This means that our products are heat resistant, UV stable, and unlike PLA products, unlikely to deform in a hot car.

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