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QuickWind Adapter

QuickWind Adapter

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Do you dread cranking your yarn winder for an entire sweater's worth of yarn? Do you love mini-skein kits, but get frustrated with how tired your arm gets after the 3rd ball? Do you ever wish you could just wind a little faster? 

The QuickWind Adaptor is your new best friend. Power a wide variety of yarn winders with a 1/4-inch chuck electric screwdriver. Attached with a zip tie, the winder mate does not interfere with the hand-crank function of the yarn winder - giving you options when it comes to winding yarn.

Spend less time winding, and more time enjoying your fiber projects.

Disclaimer: We recommend using the QuickWind Adaptor at low speed as Yarn Ball Winders are designed to operate manually. We DO NOT advise the use of power drills, as they are designed to rotate at higher speeds and could damage your Yarn Winder.
Heart Forge Solutions will not be responsible for misuse of the QuickWind Adaptor or damage occurring on your Yarn Ball Winder.

All HeartForge Solutions 3D printed products are made with PETG, the same substance that most water bottles are made of. This means that our products are heat resistant, UV stable, and unlike PLA products, unlikely to deform in a hot car.

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