Spinning Wheel Bobbins

We can produce replacement bobbins but we need to expand our library as we only have a few at this time.

As the husbeast of a knitter who spins and dyes her own yarn, it was inevitable that I'd be asked by my wife or an acquaintance to produce tools and replacement parts for spinning wheels that are no longer produced or where the production company no longer exists.


Jubilee, LeicesterThurmastonChairSherwoodLonsdaleBeaverMowbraySuitcaseIrish Castle andBoudoir bobbins all seem to be compatible (Standard and Jumbo).


  • Bumblebee (Standard and Jumbo)


  •  Colonial Upright (Mark 1, Mark 2) (Standard, Jumbo and, Plying)

If you provide me with the details of your wheel and bobbin, I'll provide you with a free bobbin for "testing".

I'll need detail measurements of all surfaces in millimeters and photographs from at least 3 angles. Optimally I'd like to have one of the bobbins to measure myself, so shipping the bobbin to our premises may be necessary. Use the contact form below to begin a conversation to get your free bobbin.

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