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Dreaming Robots

Dreaming Robots | Cord Maker

Dreaming Robots | Cord Maker

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You can use this device with any drill (cordless or corded) to make beautiful thicker cords from string, yarn, thread, or anything else like that.

This video shows assembly and usage.

The way cord or yarn is made is by taking one strand and twisting it in one direction.  Then you twist 2 or more of the fibers in the other direction and the opposing twists balance each other out and you are left with a nice string that doesn't try to twist in on itself.

This cord maker lets you twist up to for single strings by holding the outside of the cord maker.  Then when you let go of the outside it will twist those 2-4 strings together into the thicker string.  If you do each of those stages about the right amount you'll end up with a well balanced string/cord.

The models are designed so they should not need any supports.

Here is the additional items you'll need to assemble this.

  • 4x 4mmx10mm screws (#8 screws in the US would also work)
  • 4x screw in eye hooks
  • Some kind of lubricant (I prefer a dry Teflon lube, but others should work)

For more fiber tools from Dreaming Robots, see their store at

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